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时时彩靠谱投注平台正式加入Belle II国际合作组

在10月18日至25日刚刚举办的第34届Belle II国际合作组会议上,经合作组成员投票同意,时时彩靠谱投注平台继中国的高能所、北大、中科大、北航、复旦、辽宁师大、苏州大学和山东大学成为Belle II国际合作组的一名正式成员——中国在Belle II的第九名成员。时时彩靠谱投注平台物理科学与技术学院的易凯(YI KAI)教授、钟彬副教授成为时时彩靠谱投注平台在Belle II的首批合作组成员,其中,易凯教授担任南师在Belle II的负责人。

Belle II国际合作组实验位于日本筑波市的高能加速器研究机构(KEK),其前身是第一代B介子工厂Belle实验。Belle合作组及在美国的另一个B介子工厂BaBar实验2001年在B介子系统中观测到CP破坏(正反物质不对称)过程,日本的理论学家小林诚和益川敏英因为事先预测这一结果而获得了2008年诺贝尔物理学奖。

2010年,随着Belle实验运行结束,KEK联合多家合作单位决定将B介子工厂全面升级为超级B介子工厂。其中,加速器首次采用了纳米级的束流技术,其设计对撞亮度比之前提高了近40倍,达到世界最高对撞亮度。与此同时,KEK对探测器也进行了全面的升级。Belle II目前共有来自26个国家和地区116个合作单位的约1000名科学家共同参与,其主要物理目标包括研究正反物质不对称、寻找超出标准模型的新物理、研究味物理及强子物理等。Belle II实验 已于今年春天开始正式运行并采集实验数据。预计未来Belle II将积累相当于其前身Belle实验100倍的数据样本,在高精度前沿领域的研究上做出独特的贡献。

时时彩靠谱投注平台粒子物理与核物理团队已经在2005年加入了北京正负电子对撞机BES国际合作组,新的实验小组将和团队全体成员互补合作,力争在Belle II实验中做出南师独特的贡献,提高时时彩靠谱投注平台在国际上的声誉并拓展其国际影响力。


Nanjing Normal University joined Belle II international Collaboration

Nanjing Normal University became a member of Belle II collaboration—the ninth member from China, voted by Belle II Institution Board members in the Belle II 34thcollaboration meeting held in Japan from October 18 to 25, 2019. Prof. Kai Yi (contact person) and Associate Prof. Bin Zhong from the School of Physics and Technology are the first two members from Nanjing Normal University.

The Belle II is a new experiment located in Japan to study B physics after the Belle experiment which was one of the two B factories in the world before 2010. Another B factory, called Babar, was located in the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in the united states. The two B-factory experiments observed the first large signals for CP violation (matter-antimatter asymmetries) in the B meson sector in 2001, which led to the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics for Kobayashi and Maskawa.

An upgrade of both the accelerator and detector of Belle experiment was started in 2010, which is also the start of the Belle II experiment.The Belle II accelerator (SuperKEKB) is designed to achieve a peak luminosity a factor of forty times higher than the Belle accelerator, and all the Belle II sub-detectors have been upgraded to have much better performance. The Belle II experiment, one of the intensity frontiers in the world, has started to take data since this spring. It currently has about 1000 collaborators from more than 100 institutions in 26 different counties and regions, with a focus on studying CP violation, possible physics beyond the standard model, flavor physics and hadron physics. The total data to be accumulated at Belle II is expected to be 100 times of that accumulated by Belle experiment.

Nanjing Normal University has joined the BES (Beijing Spectrometer) experiment in 2005, another international collaboration located in Beijing, China. The new Belle II team will try to make unique contributions to earn international scientific honor, with help from the existing Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics team at Nanjing Normal University.

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